Your home base for employee experience

Revolutionize Your Employee Engagement!

  • Our integrated platform is designed to organize, distribute, and track every tool, resource, and benefit

  • Personalize, automate, & gamify any action or process across every tool

  • Fill gaps with our modules including communication, recognition, rewards, challenges, wellness, benefits discovery and more...

  • Mobile first to empower your remote, hybrid, or deskless teams

  • Integrate all the tools you already use
    • +2000 APIS - Payroll, HRIS, Healthcare, LMS... 


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  • Reduce systems management time and costs by 80%

  • Bridge the gap between remote & on-site teams

  • Increase Benefit usage by 400%

  • Address your unique needs and priorities
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A Single Platform to Engage, Manage, and Measure

Truly Engaging

Intelligent, predictive, and with “nudges” to help employees remember what to do at various times and guide them through internal and external processes.

2000+ integrations

From ADP to Workday to Slack to Outlook to Aetna and everything in between. We have all the integrations you need ready to roll.

Future Proof

Wellness, rewards, recognition, gamification etc ... start with the program modules you need and expand them on-demand.

White Labeled

Your brand, your look, your tools to match your brand & culture ... all delivered through a custom app (iOS & Android), mobile & web.

Your Home Base for Employee Experience

Tailored to each employee 

  • Distribute tools and resources to specific segments 

  • Intelligent, predictive the system anticipates need 

  • White-labeled branding and sub-brands 

  • Accessible via any device: iOS, Android, mobile web, and web

  • Integrate all the tools you already use
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Customize Your Tools

Everything in one seamless experience

Our Range of Modules Connect all the Dots

Configure our platform tools to fit your organization

Challenges (Earn points to redeem for gift cards or goals)

Recognition (Peer to peer or manager to report)

Perks (Best of gift cards, rewards, and experiences)

Automated Celebrations (New hires, birthdays, anniversaries)

Social News Feed (Powerful social proof as everyone sees it)

Learning (Engage employees with their potential)

Wellness (Help employees be their best selves)

Communication (Push, text, email, social feed, and much more)

Polls, Surveys, and Forms (Fully automated and easy to use)

Process Tracking (onboarding, open enrollment)

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Seamless Integrations

Customize Everything

Each employee has a personalized set of tools and communications; allowing resources to flow directly to each user based on their needs, who they are, or even analytics.

Automation anticipates needs, distributing the right information to the right employee at the right time.


What our customers say

”Getting our people connected to what they need in a personalized by way reducing clutter has helped us drastically increase usage of every program.”

“Where Refresh shines above the rest is in how seamless it is from a workflow perspective.”

“Refresh replaced 6 different apps we were running at almost one-sixth the cost. and it’s much easier to use. I don't know how we lived without it.”

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